InSite System

InSite System

The cost effective way to gather accurate research results

The InSite system provides snapshot research for businesses and organizations on the move. This fast, flexible, cost-effective approach lets you assess insights and trends without a protracted study. The system is portable and the process can be adapted to almost any target or venue. InSite can go on-site wherever you need it.

Here’s how it works Using individual responder units and a central processing point a moderator guides the audience through a list of questions, providing instantaneous feedback and the opportunity for personal interaction. Questions may be added, subtracted or modified on the fly – anytime during the session. Groups may be as large as 150 people. One 90-minute session will allow for 15-20 questions. In addition to the instant, actionable feedback of the session, a final written report of the results will be produced within two business days of the session.

For more information or to book an InSite™ session, contact Matt London

InSite is perfect for:

Marketing studies
Advertising/promotional concept assessment
Customer satisfaction/loyalty studies
Event feedback
New product probes
Need assessment
Exit Polling

InSite provides the benefits of being:

Cost effective